Teaching with Philippa Svensson

Philippa and Vivien met on the dance floor in 2011 with a slap to the face, and hit it off immediately. Since then, they have been teaching and competing together across Europe, as well as in their respective scenes (Oxford UK and Malmö, Sweden) – until they finally found a common home in Paris, where they teach weekly classes in Lindy-hop, Solo Jazz Roots, and of course Blues dancing. They believe that couple dancing finds its roots in solo body movement and musicality -but solid technique is a must. With Philippa’s background in gymnastics and physiotherapy, and Vivien’s boundless enthusiasm, they want to share the idea that any dance should leave you with a big, unshakeable grin on your face !

Philippa’s first meeting with blues dance was in the attic above the old ambulance garage a late summers night in 2010. Following a string of house parties she fell in love, and due to her unrivaled ability to absorb movement and technique she quickly left her mark on the dance scene, spreading her passion for the blues. Drawing on her training in solo dance and gymnastics she brings a unique view on follower expression through control, definition and elegance. Balancing her quest for technical perfection, mastery of dance alignment and connection, is a bubbly personality and a love for really bad puns.

“I took a four hour workshop with Philippa Svensson & Vivien Nivesse in Copenhagen 2015. It was my first teaching experience with Vivien, but I was already a big fan of Philippa’s teaching style, so I had high expectations. All of the material they taught was new to me, and that is a rare experience. Their style of movement and simple but powerful concepts are easy to understand but hard to master, so you really feel like you bring back a goodie bag of new things to play around with after their class. They maintained a personal presence and warm consistent atmosphere throughout four hours without a break for longer than 10mins., and they really packed information into every little inch of the workshop. I would recommend their classes and workshops to both beginning and advanced blues dancers and wouldn’t hesitate to repeat the experience again.” Theis Egeberg, Copenhagen, January 2015