Past and Future events

This is a list of events we’ve taught at already, or will be in the future. We’re always ask for a feedback survey after our lessons and we’re happy to provide you with the results, or to provide references from organizers !

Future events :

  • Nuremberg Blues, Germany, October
  • Belta Blues, Newcastle, UK, April
  • Winter’s End, Minsk, Belarus, March


  • La Vie En Blues, Paris, September
  • Blues in Sicily part II, Catania, Italy, April
  • South City Blues, Malmo, Sweden, April
  • Blues in Sicily, Catania, Italy, Mars
  • Cosy Cologne, Kolhn, Germany, Mars
  • Oxford Swing Festival, Oxford, UK, February


  • Lindy Hop/Charleston, Corbie, December
  • Belta Blues, Newcastle, October
  • Banana Blues, Brussels, October
  • Cotton City Blues, Manchester, September
  • Moose Blues, Oslo, May
  • Blues in Angouleme, March
    • 2016:
  • Copenhagen Blues workshop, December
  • Berlin Blues Explosion (Performance), November
  • Nitty Gritty Blues 2, Newcastle, October


  • Copenhagen Blues workshop, January
  • Oxford Blues workshop, January
  • DJAM, January
  • Uppsala Blues Camp, January
  • Lucerne Sideways Festival, February
  • Oxford Swing Festival, February
  • Malmo Blues workshop, March
  • Espanish Blues Festival, April
  • Blues Fever May
  • European Blues Invasion, June
  • Newcastle Blues workshop, September
  • Stir It! 15, Zurich, November
  • BeBlues, Switzerland, November


  • Uppsala Blues Camp,  January
  • Lindy Express (tasters), February
  • Malmo Dance Camp,  April
  • Munster Lindy workshop with Ursula Ader,  May
  • Gothenburg Blues workshop, May
  • Manchester Blues workshop, June
  • Oxford Summer Blues, July
  • Blues Baby Blues, November
  • Oxford Sweet and Slow workshop, December